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Travis Glasgow, Digital Artist & Photographer

An infusion of landscape and wildlife photography. I'm a self-taught artist from Casper, Wyoming, and have been a graphic artist for over 20 years. I started designing the old-fashioned way in Microsoft Paint and eventually developed my skills to more sophisticated design programs as I created logos for businesses as a side gig. Now, I merge the two disciplines of photography and graphic design. I enjoy the outdoors and love taking pictures. My landscape photography often inspires my ideas and how they would work with specific wildlife. Horizontal, big landscapes tend to work better with full body wildlife images, and vertical wildlife photos blend well with landscapes that have a narrow field of focus. After I compile and merge the wildlife and landscape photos, I use Photoshop to blend and create my multiple exposure pieces. I use a digital brush to get into the fine details of the image and expose the image layers in unique and creative ways. I hope you enjoy my work! 

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popo agie brown (wall).png
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